Guy Tunnell, the current head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is stepping down. Unfortunately, the former sheriff of Bay County showed not only poor judgment in his remarks and e-mails concerning the death of a 14 year old at the Bay County Boot Camp, but never has he demonstrated the high-level of administrative skills required for the position. One of the leading candidates for the position is Representative Everett Rice, a candidate for State Attorney General.
I’ve known Representative Rice for over ten years and know him to be an excellent law enforcement officer with strong administrative skills. Over and over he showed zero tolerance for any deputy who broke departmental rules – let alone the law. The governor and the citizens would be well served if he were elected to the position of State Attorney General, but given the sorry state of affairs at the FDLE, his skills and leadership is sorely needed there.
He is unquestionably the right man for the job and Governor Bush should should offer the position to Representative Rice immediately.