Hurricane Katrina for the Poor and Elderly

The President’s new drug plan has proven to be the equivalent of a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina for the poor and elderly.

Among some of the problems encountered:

  • No electronic record of enrollment in a Medicare drug plan
  • Pharmacies charging cost sharing above $1 for a generic drug and $3 for a brand name drug
  • Attempts to impose deductibles
  • Prescriptions being denied because of exclusion from a plan’s formulary
  • Prescriptions being denied because of "prior authorization" and "step therapy" requirements

Hardest hit are those who face the prospect of premature death as a result of being denied their drugs

The administration had two years to prepare for this plan, but they have failed miserably.
Recently a friend criticized my support of a national health plan. "How
can you trust the government?  I’d rather trust private industry with
my life," he said.   Well by now it should be clear to all that this
program is an example of half baked tampering with the system.  It is
also a compelling argument of universal health care.  The only people
arguing against it are those with vested interests or can afford to pay
for top shelf treatment.
Better yet join many others like yourself who think we should have
Universal Health Care now at Congressman John Conyers Jr’s website at http://www.house.gov/conyers/news_health_care.htm