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American Pain Foundation and Richard Paey

Friends –

The American Pain Foundation has finally gone to bat for Richard Paey, our local pain patient now 3 years ‘down’ on his 25 year sentence.

Paey is featured at the top of page at where APF invites you to ask Gov Crist for clemency for Paey, as the Florida Appeals court suggested when they turned Paey’s appeal down 2-1 back in
December. Now that the FL Supreme Court has declined to hear the case, all legal remedies — for practical purposes — have been exhausted.

He committed prescription fraud to obtain his pills after his MD, threatened by DEA and told Paey was selling his pills, abandoned him. I think you all know the story by now…. no evidence presented at trial of gifting, much less selling…. same FL prosecutor hounded Paey for 7 years through 3 trials to finally get him, etc. Paey has been on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Nightline and in NYTimes, SPTimes, Tampa Trib, International Herald Trib. Wife Linda many times on local TV, etc

Or, if you’d like to send a postcard to Gov Crist, I have about 250 of them, addressed and stamped. I’ll be glad to send them to anyone who asks, but in batches of 10 plse, if you can get that many signed.

John Chase
727 787 3085

p.s. I first saw the Paey family in a Pinellas-Pasco courtroom in  August 2002. I walked away from that hearing almost sick to my stomach after watching several local police talking and laughing among themselves during the hearing, at which a sick man in a wheelchair was to be sentenced to 25 years, no parole. As it turned out, Paey’s lawyer (Bob Attridge) gently persuaded the judge that  he had no choice but to overturn the jury verdict at the trial at which he – the judge – had presided. The judge was so miffed he set Paey’s bail at $1 million, an
amount later reduced and a different judge assigned to the case. (The prosecutor finally got Paey convicted in Feb 2004. Such is the drugwar.)