Persons with Dementia Who are Lost in the Community: Development of Electronic Resources for Law Enforcement. Meredeth Rowe, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Nursing.

Dr. Rowe has conducted a number of research studies that describe characteristics of wandering away from home in persons with dementia. The findings of the research can be used to develop specific search strategies when someone becomes lost. This information needs to be available to law enforcement agencies in order to quickly find lost individuals. Persons with dementia sometimes seclude themselves after becoming lost and are very difficult to find. Currently these individuals are rarely found alive because of incorrect search techniques. Individuals remain secluded and die of exposure.  A variety of materials have been developed, and a mechanism to make these available broadly is needed. In this project, students will they work on webpage development for a product that will be launched through the College of Nursing website (approximately 4-5 pages).

Another research project is the development and testing of a new home monitoring system for caregivers of persons with cognitive impairment (persons with dementia, children with autism, etc.). We will conclude a clinical trial of the device in fall 2006 and results can be reported to general audience at that time. For this project, students will prepare a news story to be released to print and video media in coordination with CON public relations department.