Housing & Homelessness

Training on how to house transgender people in transitional housing

WestCare Florida is the pioneer organization in transgender care in Central Florida. Being transgender and homeless can be a very dangerous situation. Add to that a substance abuse issue and poor health and you have a prescription for a very tragic ending. Transgender people are seen as prey when homeless. 

WestCare is the first agency in Tampa Bay to open it’s facilities to
transgender people. Since Turning Point and Mustard Seed opened their
doors, at least three other shelters have followed our lead. However,
this is hardly enough to serve this extremely vulnerable population.
WestCare Florida has consulted with The National Homeless Coalition and
can provide a major educational tract on how to integrate transgender
people into shelter settings with a minimum of stress to all parties.
Furthermore , our staff will come to your site and do a Transgender 101
for your staff. Dr.Kathleen Farrell, a St.Petersburg psychologist with
over 20 years serving this population, is also available for training
and consultation.
Please feel free to contact us so we begin to open more doors to a very misunderstood group of individuals.
Ricki Liff
Outreach Supervisor
WestCare Florida
www.copeoutreach.org <http://www.copeoutreach.org>