Wondrous times and strange bedfellows

Over the weekend I noted that Palm Beach County’s State’s Attorney has filed court papers asking a judge to return Rush Limbaugh’s medical records. The infamous right wing talk show host is facing charges of doctor shopping and illegally stockpiling prescription pain killers. It was ironic that the ACLU actually filed a brief in support of Mr. Limbaugh’s right to privacy. That sure must have frosted the “neo-cons”.

Considering his earlier comments about those addicted to drugs it is also ironic that he has also been treated with begrudging support by most of the “anti-drug war organizations”. However what I do find hypocritical is the deafening silence by the DEA, the Drug Czar, and the Governor of Florida. Their repeated cries for mandatory minimums, zero tolerance and doing everything in their power to fight the terrorist threat to our nation’s security caused by drugs and especially Oxycotin are not being heard regarding Mr. Limbaugh’s alleged transgressions.

Do I want to see him go to prison? No…as tempting as it would be to see what he’s made of and if he could equal Martha Stewart’s strength of character…not really. What I want is equal treatment for all those in were in pain and “doctor shopped” as well as the hundreds of thousands of non violent drug offenders who fall prey to the war on drugs.

But I’m not an idiot and know full well why equal treatment won’t come easily. They’re not the darlings of the Republican right or the daughter of the governor. They are mostly non white and from poor and middle class families and even though they and their families have political clout they are unaware of how to use it.

So let the case wend its way through the system and see how it turns out. Even though most people think Rush is a big wussy and wouldn’t do well in prison he might just surprise us. I just wonder what Sean, Bill, Ann would have to say if Rush began speaking out for prison reform and against the drug war when he finished doing his time.

With his bad back he might find himself with Richard Paey at Zephyrhills. They might even become friends…after all they do have a lot in common.