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Ask your representative to support making medical marijuana legal

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 Congress has heard the evidence about the medicinal benefits of marijuana, but legislators still haven’t changed federal law to reflect scientific fact. Tell them to end the federal medical marijuana ban now!

  While Congress ignores the science, patients like Eugene Davidovich, who operates a medical marijuana collective in San Diego, are criminalized. He complies with state law and the California attorney general’s medical marijuana guidelines, but the San Diego district attorney is threatening to throw him in prison anyway.
 Bolstered by the federal ban on medical marijuana, the San Diego DA is systematically harassing patients, and Eugene now faces four felony charges. This is outrageous! Will you join me in asking Congress to end the federal medical marijuana ban?
 Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, has introduced legislation to make marijuana legal for medical use, but opponents are organizing to defeat it.
 Our message to Congress is simple: Federal law enforcement should stop harassing and arresting people for medical marijuana. It’s cruel.  It’s capricious.  And it’s a waste of precious taxpayer dollars.  Enough is enough!
 Just like you and me, lawmakers know the truth about medical marijuana.  Only you can hold your member of Congress accountable.  Tell your representative to face the facts.