Bills Filed Thursday (12/21/06)

SB 470 – Relating to Employment of Former Offenders


Employment of Former Offenders; provides for issuing tax credit vouchers to businesses in this state which employ former offenders; provides amount of tax credit; requires that business document employment; requires DOC to cooperate with employers in identifying former offenders who have job skills & who are employable; requires DOR to develop forms & procedures for applying for tax credit. EFFECTIVE

DATE: 07/01/2007.

SB 466 – Relating to Felons’ Right to Vote/Restoration (Siplin)

Felons’ Right to Vote/Restoration; cites act as "Citizens’ Empowerment Act"; provides for automatic restoration of former felons’ right to vote following completion & satisfaction of sentence of incarceration & community supervision; provides conditions for such automatic restoration; amends specified provisions to conform. Amends  97.041,.052,.053. EFFECTIVE DATE: Contingent.