Voter’s Guide

Coming Soon…

Elections are coming up and informed voters are the keystone of our democracy!

What you can do:

  • Register to vote
  • Help your friends and family register to vote
  • If you are a disenfranchised former felon, you can’t currently vote in Florida, but your network of family and friends can, so talk to them about registering and voting

What we will do:

  • Post information about candidates and their histories in various races here
  • We’ll tell who has voted for ex-offenders, women, children, and generally common good and who hasn’t.

Bill Moyers, former host of PBS’s NOW, once said “Democracy depends on informed people and our media does not inform.”

WE will inform you. Remember, our elected officials work for us. Like in any other job… those who do well are rewarded and those who do poorly are asked to move on.

Our ancestors fought, sacrificed and struggled for our freedoms and our right to vote. Honor them and honor our great country by taking part in our democratic process.