Who is Playing the Blame Game?

This shouldn’t surprise us. Apparently they believe in an abridged version of the Ten Commandments. A version missing the commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness.” If their version contains dos need contain this sanction against lying why do they always manage to blithely ignore it?

When Harry Truman was president he often said “the buck stops here,”
not “pass the buck,” as Bush so often does. This administration wants
to claim the glory but will do everything in its power to deflect
criticism no matter how well deserved.

We know the war in Iraq
isn’t going badly because of Cindy Sheehan, a mother who lost her son
in Iraq. Yet conservative columnist and TV personality, George Will,
purports she made unpatriotic and anti-Semitic statements.

still are losing troops due to lack of body armor and armor plating for
their vehicles and the right wing conservatives focus the blame on
Senator Kerry, who voted against a single appropriation bill over three
years ago. This is another excuse for not doing what needs to be done.
Does anyone really believe the military is under funded? Does any one
think that if Roosevelt, Truman, or Eisenhower were in the white house
the troops wouldn’t have everything they needed?

We need to
sic U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, on the UN
because they lost control of the Food for Oil program. Will he go to
Iraq next to find out what happened to all the money that has
disappeared there?

Thank God the President has sent the clueless
head of FEMA back to Washington. However I would have thought he would
have sent him to his ranch in Crawford Texas. After all the stables
need to be mucked out and he is the man best qualified for the job.

guess what I’m saying is that it would be so refreshing and much more
productive if we could all sit down, accept our part in the fiasco that
followed hurricane Katrina, and fix it. God knows there is no doubt
there will be other disasters. The question is: what we are going to do
to prepare for them? We should also include the legislative disasters
that have catastrophic consequences for the poor, elderly and middle
class as well as the one in the Middle East.