Watching a recent video of a press conference which featured Lt. General Honore who is supposedly heading up the gulf rescue efforts, I now realize that we have our own domestic version of John Bolton the US Ambassador to the United Nations. As I watched him bully reporters, try to throw off focus of his failures by invoking the efforts of individuals in his command and then storm off not allowing his colleagues to respond, I was reminded of the reports of John Bolton bullying staffers at the state department to get them to report what he wanted.

The General has been liked to John Wayne. Sir John Wayne was an entertainer. The people of the Gulf coast do not need a egocentric cowboy…they need a leader equal to the task.

These two men deserve to meet in in a WWE steel cage match so that the victim’s of Hurricane Katrina and members of the UN can be spared their obnoxious presence and can get on with what needs to be done.