Spotsylvania – What’s wrong with this picture?

Perhaps you saw the article about detectives in Spotsylvania County, Virginia who in attempt to bust prostitutes posing as masseuses allowed the women to perform sexual acts on them and one even left a $350 tip. Wow that must have been some massage!

However wives of the married officers all breathed a collective sigh of
relief to find out that even though this has been an ongoing practice
only unmarried detectives are used for such cases. This is small
comfort to their girl friends and to mainstream prosecutors and law
enforcement agencies.

The general opinion is that the officers are breaking the laws
themselves. Sheriff Smith however likens this to doing a drug buy. Nice
try sheriff but his is more like buying then using the narcotic.

What we have here is the sheriff acting in the capacity of a pimp and
the officers as “johns”. They should all be arrested and charged.
Whether their cars will be seized and their pictures shown on “john”
T.V. remains to be seen. I mean it’s only fair.

Unless we do something about treating women
equally, providing educational opportunities and preventing their
abuse in their formative years there will always be prostitutes and as
long as there are lonely men who cannot find companionship elsewhere
and sexually addicted men, we will always have"johns".

This is just another case where "testosterone driven cops" are  looking
to get their "yaya’s" and a chance to demean some woman in the process.

P.S.  Citizens of Spotsylvania County…when is your Sheriff’s term up?