Re: article entitled “Sex Offenders Can Stay in Mobile Home Park”

In the  Saturday issue of the the St. Pete Tines there was an article entitled “Sex Offenders Can Stay in Mobile Home Park”.

That there is much hysteria and misinformation regarding this situation would be an understatement.
 However what caught my eye was a statement allegedly made by Judy Cornett of Lutz who runs  a nonprofit that identifies sex offenders in Communities.
 In response to the news that Hillsborough Counties had withdrawn the ultimatum to the park’s residence to leave or face arrest she was quoted as saying “She wasn‘t happy with the county’s response even  though it was swift. “I told them I wasn’t comfortable with how fast everything moved”, Ms Cornet said. “If we’re going to get them locked back up…we can’t jump the gun”.
 Evidently Ms. Cornett wasn’t concerned that the county’s actions were illegal or unfair. She isn’t even interested in whether the park’s occupants had or would commit a crime. In fact it would seem she’d do anything to see them back in prison.
 Does Ms. Cornett also think it fair to lock up everyone who’s been arrested for a DUI?
 After all by her reasoning we should go after all those attending AA meetings because the participants might drive drunk.
 Our economy has tanked and we are in a recession. We already incarcerate more of our citizens than any other nation and while I can understand the pain of a parent whose child has been molested we are adults and need to address this problem in a thoughtful manner.
 So are we to take money from programs for the indigent, elderly and mentally ill to build even more prisons?
 Are we to hound them no matter where they live?
 Education and treatment are key to any long term solution and grouping them allows for better control by law enforcement.
 Beside it’s a long walk to the Everglades. Where does Ms. Carol think they will go?