I just read that more and more senior citizens who live on social
security were facing the dilemma of resorting to eating dog food so
they would have enough money left over to pay the rent after purchasing
the medications they need which Medicare won’t cover. Well no one could
say that this administration didn’t feel their pain. They quickly
responded with the much ballyhooed “Drug Plan”. To say that it turned
into the proverbial “goat rope” would be an understatement. Terms such
as ‘confusing’, ‘bureaucratic’, and ‘pure nonsense’ don’t adequately do
it justice…

But to their credit, many seniors resourcefully turned to the internet and began buying their prescription drugs from Canada, where pharmaceutical companies are forced to competitively bid for the right to sell their drugs to their national healthcare program. Our administration decided against that policy as a reward to the big pharmaceutical companies who supported their election campaigns.
Seeing this trend the administration decided to fix the problem by having the folks at Customs seize these prescription dugs. So the message from Washington is clear: We’re no longer going to let grandma get her drugs from Canada. So if she can’t cover the costs of her medications with the drug card, let her go back to eating dog food.
Now for all of you affected by this unfair and cruel policy, I have a message: If you survive to the next election cycle don’t be distracted by the next “neo-con” phony issue. Just remember that when they bring gay unions, terrorists or what other smoke screen Karl Rove can come up with tell them to eat dirt and take a hike. Vote the bums out.