Inmate’s death brought end to week of torment

Daniel Ray Warren may not have been a “prince among men”.  After all he was sentenced to serve 37 months in Florida’s Department of corrections for Aggravated battery.  But from all indications during the past seven days at the Hernando Count Jail he may have endured several beatings and a sexual assault which led up in his apparent suicide…

The jail warden asserted that his staff did nothing wrong but that Warren had antagonized the abuse by his actions.  This suspiciously sounds like the old saw that women invite rape by the way they act and dress.  Their assertions aside, the jail had a duty to protect Mr. Warren.
There is currently an investigation underway by the sheriff’s office.  If it is found that Correction Corp’s staff knew of the ongoing assaults and did nothing they should not only have their contract cancelled but should also face criminal charges.
As I noted earlier Mr. Warren may have not been a prince among men but he was sentenced to be jailed for 37 months not sentenced to be beaten, tortured or raped.