Governor Jeb Bush…mean spirited or just clueless?

Florida’s citizens passed a constitutional amendment in 2002 calling for class size reductions.  As soon as it was passed the governor openly indicated that he would do everything in his power to subvert the intent of this constitutional amendment…

First he offered to raise teachers’ salaries but he couldn’t get the legislature to go along.  Now he has proposed a plan referred to as the “65% solution” which would mandate school boards to spend that amount on class size reduction.

This is the kind of proposal any right thinking individual would immediately dismiss. Florida is already ranked  48th in spending per student.  What this tells me is that we should pass legislation  mandating that in the future anyone running for state office should under go psychological testing as well take tests to determine competency in basic math.

I know that will never happen but we have to stop  electing people who refuse to respond to the will of the people. It just  reaffirms these political hacks’ opinions that we are are not to be taken seriously and they can just go on doing as they damn well please. 

For your children’s sake tell them no.  Register to vote and vote for politicians who will truly listen and do what is right and necessary rather than what big business tells them.