The Family Health Line – For more information call: 800-451-2229.

The Family Health Line is a statewide toll-free hotline funded by the Florida Department of Health.

The goal of the hotline is to improve the health status of Florida’s pregnant women, infants, and toddlers by:
    •     assisting pregnant women in accessing prenatal care when they have not been able to do so
    •     helping women find substance abuse treatment during pregnancy
    •     providing callers with information on helpful community resources
    •     encouraging healthy lifestyles, including smoking cessation and alcohol and drug avoidance
    •     answering basic questions and providing literature on
pregnancy, breastfeeding, childbirth education, drug use, and other
pregnancy-related concerns
    •     providing basic information on infant and toddler health, as well as a variety of parenting concerns
    •     providing referrals for infant/toddler medical care and other resources
    •     providing information and referrals for family planning (birth control)
    •     offering supportive, confidential counseling
    •     providing linkages with and referrals to private, public, and voluntary health promotion groups

The majority of calls are from pregnant women or their partners. Other calls come from friends and relatives of pregnant women. All calls are confidential and are answered by trained counselors who are available:

8 AM to 11 PM, Monday thru Friday
 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, weekends
 (closed on state holidays)

 1-800-451-2229 (From within Florida only)

Counselors provide referrals to health professionals and other local resources. All callers are encouraged to call the hotline again if they do not receive help from the referral resources. Counselors provide follow-up, as needed, to ensure that callers are able to access vital services.

 Bilingual counselors or translator services are available to callers speaking languages other than English.