Renewing Your  Drivers License

Online driver license status check:
Click here to use driver license status to determine if your license is  currently valid or invalid.
Telephone Renewal and Address Change

  • Renew your License, renew your  vehicle registration and Change your address  via touch tone phone!
  • You can save time! You don’t  have to wait in line or wait on a mail-in  change of address. Services are available  seven days a week, 24 hours a day!
  • Dial 1-866-GoRenew (467-3639)  from a touch-tone phone. TTY/TDD users dial  711 to call 1-866-467-3639.
  • Follow the verbal instructions.
  • Select payment option. You  may charge to your Visa, Mastercard or American  Express Card. The fee for the address change  is $10, plus a $2.90 convenience fee. Allow  up to two weeks for processing plus mail  time.
  • Calling the 1-866 service means  your information is downloaded to our computers  that night. The system automatically generates  a change of address sticker to be placed  on the back of your current driver license.
  • If you have a digitized license  issued after July 1, 1997, you will receive  a new license in the mail, with corrected  address rather than a sticker.
  • To be eligible for this service,  the department will send you a notice in  the mail with complete renewal instructions,  including an authorization code. You may  charge to your Visa, MasterCard or American  Express Card. The charge will be a $2.90  processing fee plus the applicable renewal  fees:
    • $15 for license renewal
    • $5 if you have a motorcycle  endorsement
    • $1 late fee if renewed after  your birthdate.

Renew Online

Click here to use the Express Lane for driver license renewal, registration renewal and address changes.