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Unhealthy Medicaid Choices Would Kill Jobs

Flawed Medicaid Proposals Would Kill Florida Jobs

have consistently portrayed Florida’s Medicaid program as an
unsustainable drain on Florida’s budget, setting the stage for a number
of legislative proposals to cut the program.

 In reality, however, beyond the critical role it plays in the lives of
recipients and in the health care system as a whole, Medicaid is also a
highly efficient job creator and economic catalyst, in part because the
majority of funding comes from the federal government.

Not only
does Florida’s full participation in Medicaid make sense — both now and
as expansion gets underway in 2014 because of health care reform —
Florida’s economic recovery may in fact depend on it. 
Medicaid already has created many permanent, well-paying jobs, and  Medicaid expansion will soon create many more.
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