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Recivitism Report Urges Education, Training

Recivitism  Report Urges Education,  Training
December  19th, 2006 by Mike Vasilinda

A new report out today by the Governors  Ex-offender Task Force says Florida needs to get serious about educating  and training inmates if it wants to cut down on re-offenders. The report  points out that funding for programs to keep inmates free of drugs and help  them develop job skills has been cut over the last five years, while the  population of prison inmates has risen nearly 20 percent. Governor-elect  Charlie Crist says he supports a more comprehensive approach to helping  inmates get their lives together upon release so they dont victimize more  people.

Obviously the more that come out of our  system that can stay productive participating citizens with occupations, its  better for everybody. Not just the individual themselves, but its better for  our state. And so I think if we could have more education, more training while  theyre incarcerated so that once they come out they can have the opportunity  for productive lives, thats better for everybody. We need to get the  recidivism rate down says Crist.
The report  found more than a quarter of the 30-thousand people released from Florida prisons each  year are back behind bars within three years. Among the recommendations that  the Department of Corrections should begin pre-release planning with inmates  starting on their very first day of  incarce