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PSTA Meeting…… Bulk Bus Pass Discount Amendment Result

PSTA Meeting…… Bulk Bus Pass Discount Amendment Result

The HLN submitted two proposals, which were defeated.  However, the PSTABoard approved the following:

A 10% across the board discount for bulk bus pass purchases of 200 minimum passes by type of pass.  For example, we cannot purchase 50 Monthly and 150 Daily to qualify for the discount.  The discount will be
applied to the purchase of 200 Monthly, 200 Daily, etc.  This discount will only be available to 501-3 C and government organizations.

Since, some organizations do not purchase that large of a quantity on their own it would be prudent for organizations to combine their purchases and split the discount.  After the meeting, I spoke with Sarah
Snyder Executive Director of the PCCH and other county gov’t human services administrators and it was suggested that we have a meeting soon so that agencies/organizations can decide who is combining their
purchases with whom.  If we proceed in this manner, none of the smaller purchasing ability organizations will be left behind.

As for the discount effective date, I do not know.  It was not discussed.  I anticipate that Sarah Snyder will send out a more comprehensive email to update you on the events and plans for a meeting. To put what just occurred in perspective, 200 Monthly (31-Day) X 45 = $9000, apply 10% discount, total cost = $8100.  Unfortunately, we will be paying $100 more than last fiscal year for the same amount of passes.
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