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Proposed Class Action Against Crosby and Keefe

If you or someone you love or advocate for has been overcharged by Keefe Canteen, you should get in on this. 

It’s very probable at least some of the increases were directly related to the need for additional funds with which to pay the kickbacks to Crosby. In addition, Crosby allowed 3 amendments to the contract that further increased costs passed along to the visitors and others who provide financial assistance to inmates.

Crosby was Secretary of the Florida DOC, but keep in mind is that Keefe is involved in jail and prison systems in 15 or so states. Bob Sloan’s research on the net indicates this kind of "graft" is typical of Keefe’s procedures.

Kay Lee, MTWT

From: Robert Sloan

I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that if any are interested in pursuing a class action suit against the conspirators: Crosby, Clark, AIS, Dugger, Keefe and its representative/co-conspirator who met with Clark and Dugger in mid-2004, I have been speaking with others and received a phone call late this afternoon. I was informed that a Partner in the firm of Fleming, Fried & Bonder, LLC out of Atlanta is interested in representing the class (this is the same attorney that has previously spoken with me about the PRIDE inmate worker class action suit – which is still being researched).

Right now the firm is going over the documents relating to the information filed against Crosby and Clark as well as the Plea Agreement and accompanying admissions document. He needs to be assured there will be enough complainants to allow the Court to certify it as a Class Action. He has requested that I put the word out about his willingness to pursue the case and determine for sure those who wish to participate.

Standing may initially be limited to family, friends and others who send money in to the inmates for purchase of canteen items from Keefe and anyone who visits and has purchased food or snack items or drinks in the Visiting Parks of any FDOC or Private Prison facility that utilized AIS or Keefe as their canteen provider(s).

In addition any inmate who is earning his own money via work while incarcerated, may also be a victim for purposes of the suit. I’ll know more after a conversation with the attorney on Monday.

Without going into detail (I simply can’t right now) this firm represents clients who have been battling FDOC and PRIDE in unrelated areas for some time now. They come highly recommended from a third party source that has them on retainer – and has had for some time.

Anyone interested please pass along my email address to inmates you correspond with to pass along to their visitors on the outside. You may also provide my home address: 3923 Barnor Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226. My phone is for last resort or emergency contact only at this time: 317-514-3431.

To anyone who contacts me and has a desire to participate, I will provide information on the firm and how to contact the attorneys directly.

We, who have done with less for so long, so that our friends and family members in prison could have the funds necessary to purchase needed items or food on visits, are on the cusp of being able to add a new dimension to Crosby’s corruption and restitution for his actions…along with Keefe and the others…

Bob Sloan – Prison Reform Activist
and Active Member of LOLITS
[email protected]