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If you don’t know John Flahive, you should take a moment to say hello.  He is a wonderful young man who advocates for George Martorano (We Believe Group)  and others like him.  

George is the prisoner serving the longest sentence in the American federal prison system to date for a non-violent 1st time marijuana offense. George was unbelievably given life without parole. He has now served more than 23 years of his unfair sentence and needs our support if he is to ever get a second chance at freedom.  

In Congress there is a Bill numbered HR3072 – A Bill to Revive the System of Parole for Federal Prisoners.  If passed, George and many others in his position can go home.  The bill is still gaining support and does have a chance when Congress comes back.

On AUGUST 23rd in Bristal Tennessee, the NASCAR #54 Carter2 MotorSports Truck has joined with to promote HR3072.  This will be a big event with over 3 million viewers and 160,000 fans in attendence.  BNN (Broadcast News Network) and a show PBS film producer Allan Mason is going up with a crew to do a 6-7 hour shoot with NASCAR driver, Roger Carter, II at Carter 2 Motorsports. The first segment will air on cable to approximately 10-14 million viewers.

John has been invited to be a volunteer at the NASCAR track.  He’s a fine young man who knows this bill and articulates his principles in a manner that could engender a lot of support for HR3072.  

FedCure has hooked up with NASCAR to arrange the proper credentials for John. Unfortunately, neither John nor FedCURE have the money for this trip.

So, on behalf of the justice that HR3072 will afford to prisoners like George, I ask please, if you can support their efforts with a buck, 5 bucks, ANYTHING, together we can open the door to freedom for many people like George, who do deserve a second chance.

If you can help John  get to NASCAR tp represent HR3072 and all the prisoners and families it will benefit, please contact…

John Flahive
[email protected]
[email protected]
PO BOX 41491
St. Pete, FL 33743  

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