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Raise Funds for Hurricane Katrina Relief on Your Campus!

See a list of hurricane relief agencies in need of money and supplies

Hurricane Katrina’s effects have devastated countless communities in
the Gulf States. Every hour that passes without food, water, shelter,
or electricity leaves more lives in jeopardy. The White House now
estimates that 90,000 square miles have been affected by the storm.
Officials believe that over 1,000 residents may already be dead, with
thousands more at the risk of death from dehydration and illness.
Millions of dollars are immediately needed to provide proper relief to
all those who are suffering. Below are some ways you can help.
 If you’re organizing relief efforts on campus, please click here to let us know more about what you’re doing.

 a.. Campus-Wide Email Alert: Have a campus-wide email or voicemail
sent out by your administration requesting contributions by all
students, faculty, and administrators to a relief organization. If a
campus-wide administrative email is not available on your campus, have
each department chairperson send out an email to all students, faculty,
and administrators in his/her department.
 a.. Bookstore Bucks: Arrange for all cashiers at your campus bookstore
to request an additional $5 or $10 from each customer that will be
directly donated to a relief organization. Students could contribute
cash or simply swipe extra dollars on their Student ID Card.
 a.. Homepage Help: Talk to your campus’ Public Relations Department
about including a direct link to the donation site of a relief
organization on your college homepage.
 a.. Dine Out for the Hurricane Victims: Arrange for an area restaurant
to donate its space and staff for a day, and host a Dine Out. Patrons
are asked to purchase tickets for a specific time slot, in which they
are served meals cooked by the restaurant (food donated by local
businesses). Students at UC Davis raised $63,000 for tsunami relief
this spring through such an event.
 a.. Swipe A Meal: Arrange with Dining Services to allow students to
swipe the full cost of one or more of their meals away to relief
efforts. When well publicized, these events can raise thousands of
dollars in one day.
 a.. Halftime Challenge!: Talk to the Athletic Director on campus about
organizing students to attend popular sporting events. Announce the
Halftime Challenge to raise a specific amount of money for a relief
organization by the end of the game. Have students walk throughout the
crowds during halftime to collect money and announce the
total at the conclusion of the game.
 a.. Tools, Blanket, and Hygiene Products Necessity Drives: Convoy of
Hope is asking for donations of hygiene kits that include towels, soap,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, and ziplock bags, plus $3 shipping
fee for each kit. Also, Church World Service encouraging groups to
collect blankets and tool that will be used in the coming months. You
can organize necessity drives on campus or work with a local discount
store like Walmart, K-Mart, or Target to ask customers to purchase
needed items.
 a.. Non-perishable Food and Water Drive: America’s Second Harvest is
coordinating a national food and water collection drive for the next
month to support victims of Katrina. You can collect non-perishable
food and water and deliver it to a local Second Harvest food bank that
will coordinate transportation to the affected areas. To learn where
the nearest food bank is located, visit Second Harvest’s website.
 a.. Congregation Collection: Ask your congregation to take a
collection at mass this Sunday that will directly support Hurricane
Katrina relief efforts.


 Hurricane Relief Agencies
 ACORN Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund
 739 8th Street SE
 Washington, DC 20003
 Phone: (202) 547-9292

 The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is
the nation’s largest community organization of low-and moderate-income
families, working together for social justice and stronger communities.
Donations made to ACORN will:
1) help establish a temporary headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA;
2) reopen the national headquarter in New Orleans as soon as possible; and
3) offer supportive housing, credit needs, and other services needed by affected community members.

 American Red Cross
 American Red Cross National Headquarters
 2025 E Street, NW
 Washington, DC 20006
 Phone: (202) 303-4498, Donation Line: (800) HELP-NOW/(800-435-7669)

 When a disaster threatens or strikes, the Red Cross provides shelter,
food, health and mental health services to address basic human needs of
the victims and emergency workers. It also handles inquiries from
concerned family members outside the disaster area, provides blood and
blood products to disaster victims, and helps those affected by
disaster to access other available resources.

 America’s Second Harvest
 National Headquarters
 35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 2000
 Chicago, IL 60601
 Phone: (800) 771-2303

 The mission of America’s Second Harvest is to create a hunger-free
America by distributing food and grocery products through a nationwide
network of certified affiliates, increase public awareness of domestic
hunger, and advocate for policies that benefit America’s hungry.
America’s Second Harvest is asking for financial donations to help feed
the victims of Katrina. For every $1 received, Second Harvest will
donation 20lbs (4 bags) of food, water, and personal hygiene needs. In
addition, Second Harvest is asking people to donate non-perishable food
and water for the next month to one of their local food banks that will
coordinate the transportation of the goods to the affected Gulf States.

 Catholic Charities USA
 1731 King Street
 Alexandria, VA 22314
 Phone: 703.549.1390

 Catholic Charities USA is the membership association of one of the
nation’s largest social service networks that provide vital social
services to people in need, regardless of their religious, social, or
economic backgrounds. To help communities recover from the damage
brought on by Hurricane Katrina, Catholic Charities USA is collecting
financial donations that will fund local agencies’ emergency and
long-term disaster recovery efforts.

 Church World Service
 28606 Phillips Street
 P.O. Box 968
 Elkhart, IN 46515
 Phone: (574) 264-3102 / (800) 297-1516

 Church World Service is the relief, development, and refugee
assistance ministry of 36 Protestant, Orthodox, and Anglican
denominations in the United States. It fosters partnerships with
indigenous organizations worldwide, as well as provides resources and
support in time of natural disasters. In response to hurricane Katrina,
CWS is raising money that will support immediate support and long-term
recovery and
reconstruction. In addition, CWS is encouraging groups to organize
tools and blanket drives. Check out the website for more information.

 Convoy of Hope
 330 S. Patterson Avenue
 Springfield, MO 65802
 Phone: (417) 823-8998

 Convoy of Hope provides resources to local organizations to meet
physical and spiritual needs for the purpose of making communities a
better place. Convoy of Hope serves in the United States and around the
world providing disaster relief, building supply lines, food, and
sponsoring outreaches to the poor and hurting in communities. In
response to Hurricane Katrina, Convoy of Hope is requesting donations
of Hygiene Kits that consist of towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste,
toothbrushes, and ziplock
bags, plus $3 shipping fee for each kit. Check out the website for more information.

 Feed the Children
 P.O. Box 36
 Oklahoma City, OK 72101
 Phone: (405) 942-0228 or (800) 627-4556

 Feed The Children is a Christian, international, nonprofit relief
organization with headquarters in Oklahoma City, that delivers food,
medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and
families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, povertyor
natural disaster. Feed The Children has more than 25 truckloads of
relief supplies, including food, bottled water, cleaning supplies,
paper products and other emergency essentials on their way to the Gulf
States. To continue offering relief support, Feed the Children is
seeking financial contributions. Here is what your donations can do:

 $6,000 = delivers an entire truckload of food and relief
 $100 = 700 lbs of food and hygiene products
 $75 = 525 lns of food and hygiene products
 $50 = 350 lbs of food and hygiene products

 The Campaign is committed to ending hunger and homelessness in America
by educating, engaging, and training students to directly meet
individuals’ immediate needs while advocating for long-term systemic