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Homeless Tent City Established called “Coming Up”

Homeless Tent City Established called "Coming Up"

Attention everyone, A homeless Community called "Coming Up" of Tents has been established by the Homeless, Refuge Ministries, FLASH, FAVOC, and others through the graciousness of Sophie Sampson and St. Vicent De Paul on a vacant lot owned by St. Vincent at the 1200 block of 4th Ave. north. It is governed by the homeless with Oversight from Refuge Ministries, FAVOC, and FLASH. With assistance from Food Not Bombs, Tampa Bay Action Group, St. Pete For Peace, Sojourner Truth Center, Critical Resistance, and the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (St. Petersburg Chapter), and Local Attorney’s. Currently, we have many needs including:
                            Water, Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags, Tents, Batteries of all kind, Battery Run lanterns or Flashlights, Mobile phones, Wireless Internet, TENTS, clothes(particularily Underwear and socks), sleeping bags, snacks, coffee and coffee makers, wet wipes, first aid kits, sanitary products, tooth paste and tooth brushes, Deoderant, video cameras, palattes, cups and financial support. Any checks donated can be sent to the Refuge at 33 4th st. North, Suite 203, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701. Ear mark in memo section for Homeless Community "Coming Up".
                            This is of course a temporary solution and a beginning. All the groups involved, including the homeless are demanding that bathrooms that are public be opened 24/7, that more "safe" places be created for homeless to sleep, that homeless that are arrested for public trespassing, public sleeping, and other "life sustaining" needs cease, and that at least 75 new beds be opened in St. Petersburg within 6 months, with the goal of more affordable housing. And, that the city of St. Petersburg adhere to the Economic and Human Rights of all it’s citizens, especially the poor and homeless. Especially, understanding that this movement must be led by and informed by the poor and homeless. Any questions please call Rev. Bruce Wright at 727 278 1547 or Gregory at 727 424 4521. Thank you, Bruce