It is almost time to start our Holiday Registration again!
Registration begins Tuesday, September 5th, from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.                      
APPLICATION MUST BE DONE IN PERSON!                                      

Eligible Households:  Families with minor age child(ren); Senior Citizens; Adults receiving SSI/SSD
What To
(1) Photo ID for applying
(2) Social Security cards or birth certificates for all related household members                       
(3) Current proof of address (lease, electric bill)                                                                       
(4) Proof of custody of grandchildren, nieces/nephews if applicable                                               
Where To Apply:  2301 N. Tampa St.  Tampa, FL  33602      813-209-1044
Referrals:  Accepted but not required for eligible households
**Family member or friend may register household if they bring ALL
required documentation listed  above AND a signed permission note AND
their own ID.
**Social workers may register families ONLY if family is NOT ABLE to
physically come and register for themselves and they do not have a
family member or friend who can register for them (i.e. home bound,
disabled, migrant farm worker, etc.).
Social Workers contact
209-1045  Susanne Bolt, Dir. of Outreach & Prevention Services 
[email protected]                                                       
209-1221 Karl Celestine, Coordinator of Outreach Services
Client contact #: 209-1044 Outreach & Prevention Services Front

Karen Clayton, 209-1091
Client Services Coordinator
SPAN Forum Coordinator
[email protected]