Florida Execution

Whether you believe in the death penalty or not here is yet another
lost opportunity ($51 million) that the Florida legislators missed in
their blind zeal to balance the budget. They would much rather show us
how “macho” they are by killing someone rather than using that money to
help sick children or the mentally ill. Add the $51 million to the $350
million for prison beds and you can see just how concerned they are
about people in need.
EXECUTION: Florida’s next execution is scheduled for July 1st.  With
almost 400 people in our Death House, Florida has the second largest
Death Row in the U.S.  For a complete list, see:
While Floridians spend an estimated $51 million a year to retain our
Death Penalty system above the cost of permanent incarceration,
victims’ services are being cut-back, crime prevention programs are
being disbanded and thousands of murders and violent crimes remain
unsolved.  For a growing number of Floridians, the fight to end
executions is not about partisanship…it is about priorities.
 FMI:  Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Action Now:  Write Gov. Crist and Florida’s Attorney General to express
your strong opposition to lifting Florida’s moratorium on executions.
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