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CASCIL PSTA paratransit eligibility project

As you may be aware a project has been underway since April 1, 2009 called the CASCIL PSTA Paratransit Eligibility project.

At the invitation of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) the
Caring & Sharing Center for Independent Living (CASCIL) has
undertaken the creation of a coalition to address the paratransit or
DART eligibility process. Attached are the letters exchanged between
PSTA and Caring & Sharing Center for Independent Living. Also
attached is a covenant we are asking all participants to subscribe to.
The goal is to create eligibility criteria and an eligibility review
process that meets the requirements of the ADA and serves the needs of
the community and PSTA in an efficient and effective manner.
Additionally, this review needs to be transparent, collaborative and
participative. My firm Disability Relations Group (DRG) has been
engaged to act as facilitator for this project. Many of you may have
already been participating and we thank you. The reason for this
message is to give each organization who has not responded previously
to the public forum notices or direct invitations to participate, the
opportunity to do so. If you would like to be engaged in this process
or would like to review and comment on the upcoming reports please
contact me as soon as possible. We wish to include everyone who wishes
to be involved.
 Douglas G. Towne (Doug)
 Chief Executive Officer
 Disability Relations Group (DRG)
 V (727) 531-1000 ext. 341
 C (727) 452-8132
 F (727) 539-7588
 12552 Belcher Road S,
 Largo FL 33773
 E-mail [email protected]

CASCIL Participant Covenant
Letter from CASCIL to PSTA
Letter to CASCIL from PSTA