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How Not to Prepare for a Mine Disaster

SAGO TRAGEDYHow Not to Prepare for a Mine DisasterFunerals conclude today for the 12 West Virginia miners who died January 2 in an underground mine explosion; the sole survivor remains in a medically-induced coma . Work is now beginning to ...
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NMHA Statement to the Media

President’s FY 2007 Budget Foreshadows Bleak Future of Mental Health Care Contact: Heather Cobb at 703-797-2588 or hcobb@nmha.org ALEXANDRIA, Va. (February 7, 2006)—At a time of growing insecurity in this country about access to needed health care and broad awareness ...
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Head of Florida prison system resigns under pressure

State Corrections Secretary James Crosby was ousted Friday by Gov. Jeb Bush following months of questions about illegal activities by guards and top officials in the prison system. Crosby, a former warden at Florida State Prison, had headed the nation’s ...